jazminda.. (jaz_aug) wrote,

Day 1..

DAY 1 is just gf time.. a gf of mine was doing my flight up BNE yest. So i decided to meet up with her & do some gal bonding since ah bi will have to be attending classes for the 1st 3days.. shopping, yakking about beauty products, boyfriend stories & how long we'll be staying in our line of job, etc.. this is indeed something i need for a change.. less stress, juz yak, pure simplicity of enjoying the company.. kinda bimbo but tatz wat gals usually do..

as FQ suggested, getting away from SG can be refreshing for me esp @ this time of the month.. the tension back home is getting quite straining.. especially when i dun like pretence.. its like something choked in my throat im unable to spit out.. being away, a time to clear my head & disregard everything else.. cool..

i've been hearing too many comments that i've put on some pounds esp ard my waist.. damn! this holiday away.. im gona start on my diet regime again.. like wat i told aj, if u cant stand hearing it, lets do something abt it then.. hope i'll hv e perseverance to maintain this determination..

more updates tmr.. now im just gona wait 4 my baby to come back home..
simple dinner.. cozing up infront of e tv.. njoy the company we lack from LDR.. *smile*
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