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spring is here again.. its so nice to see the dull winter go & incomes the colorful spring everywhere, elsewhere.. istanbul was beautiful.. everywhere was tulips, each & every corner u turn.. call me an optismist, but seeing my fav flower of all reli did cheer me up.. esp when i wasnt feeling all that good when i landed.. such a pretty sight.. in diff colors & sizes.. all lined neatly next to each other..

in spore, therez not diff be it spring or autumn.. people work throughout, stopping oni if the rain gets in e way.. we dun reli stop to admire the bloom of flowers, the change of seasons.. i juz came back from london not so long ago.. was visting jaer.. lifestyle anywhere outa asia is so diff.. there, people are actually preparing for spring.. cleaning up their gardens & ponds, planning how it shd look this spring & wat plants or trees to grow.. to me, that's life.. simplicity.. enjoying every bit that each day has to bring..

im not saying that spore has nothing to offer.. just that its nice to once in awhile stop, look & appreciate..
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