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act of nobility

flying has open my eyes to so many things. this time, a 60yr old aussie touched my soul. for the past 10yrs ever since he started receiving his pension funds from the government, he has been flying to india to save the poor, on his own free will, with his two bear hands. he'll fly there, try to save as many poor & needy on the streets, feeding them & giving them the warmest blanket his budget can allow.

when i ask him if he's working for an organization, his reply was no. he has been doing it by himself for the past 10yr. "its the best job any1 can have in the world" From the sparkle in his eyes, i call it a sense of fulfillment. its kinda like "trying to save the world bit by bit, in my own way"

irony is, he has only 9 more months to live because of cancer. but yet when he speaks of it, he totally embraces that fact & even added that it's better knowing & living it well then b hit by a car/ train & leaving without a trace. though he was kinda tearing up, he was ready to go. "i've done my part & will leave a happy man"

spoke to a friend about this & as expected, his 1st response was : "well.. he's dying so maybe that's the reason y he is doing such.." humans can b so blunt & unsympathising. to me, the fact that he has been doing this way before he was diagnosed means there is more to it than just gaining good karma.

i respect him for what he is doing, how he is able to look past his oncoming death, smile @ it & live life for the better. for some of us, we cant even look past a quarrel, a breakup or even a failure.
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