made in india..

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going to india is really an eye opener.. though its not my 1st there, but still, im always mesmorised by the place.. the rich is fucking rich.. & yet seeing e poor along the streets (esp. the kids) really aches my heart. the condition of the homes some of them live in.. im glad in born in SG.

the girl in this pic.. she was actually begging for $$ when my TU-TU stopped @ the traffic junction. so young & yet life seems so harsh..

in a quick glimpse..

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camera.. pictures.. they have been around for ages.. they play such impt role in helping us captivate happy moments of our lives..
was watching a tv program which hightlighted something.. y is it rare tat people actually snap a horrible event.. unless its news worthy.. cos no1 wana b reminded of e bad.. guess its human nature..

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for some ppl, life is made easy. things juz fall into place so nicely. even when the worse happens, they nvr get to fall that hard. few lucky ppl i see r those staying just beside me, + daniel & adrian. sometimes i reli envy how they can be able to reach such mutual understanding. & no, no 2 ppl r that similar to begin with.

i bet every1 does it in here. write personal entries which no1 can see. the very ugly & angry side of how they reli feel. trashing it all out. but somehow, i've gotten tired of doing that. though that may seem like an outlet, its not a solution.

no1 like not being in control, esp me. i seem 2 hv lost my cool, or so my faith. juz hope my studies goes as i planned & i'll b able to complete it soon.

i miss my mum.
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eye ulcer..

1st time in my life.. Im partying with my specs on.. Its hard thinkin of outfits lo..
& my left eye juz acted on me again.. gosh.. wish it'll heal sooner man..
1 week mc.. but y does it has 2 b when my next flt is a $ making flt 2 japan.. & not turnard.. damn..!
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juz not my day..

lost my wallet 2day.. sigh.. was up my edge so much tat i could kill any1 @ sight.. juz controlling.. but oh well.. they dun owe me.. juz me & my clumsiness.. whoever e lucky bitch who foud it is smiling fm ear 2 ear.. my cash inside.. plus my US$ & foreign currency.. my heart is bleeding..

i juz hope whoever found it is kind enuf 2 send me back the contents of e wallet.. cash & wallet i doubt it.. no1 in e rite set of mind would return a LV wallet.. i know i wont.. juz tat my safety licence is inside.. w/o it i cant fly.. gota go thr e hassle of calling up office & face e music.. anyway any1 has any idea if there r any charges if i report stolen IC? dun wana pay $150 lo..

anyway went back training ctr 2 attend oliver friend's grad.. man.. can time reli fly.. i cant believe im oredi 1 yr into this job.. still feels so jr.. & still get fucked up flight once in a very blue moon.. oliver juz got 1 big time.. guess there r proz & conz in every single job..
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r we getting any younger..

here we r.. ikepod & i whining to each other over msn, getting horrified over e thought of turning 25. no offence to any1 out there. people can b complimenting that 25 can actually be hightlight of our lives. with career started, money in our pocket (sorta), looks developing (ya rite), dress sense accomplished (ahem) & hopefully more directions in the kinda partner we r seeking (roll eye), r we suppose 2 be glowing with bliss?

ok ok.. we r juz being whiny.. not all tat bad.. juz tat the figures r kinda scaring e shit outa us. not so long ago r we celebrating our victory to attaining our keys (21).. now we gota start worrying abt age defying creams, SPFs, anti wrinke masks, or r our laugh lines & crow feets showing oredi.. AHHHHHH..!! *faint*
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tag game..

it feels endless.

1. Gabriel, Lamb
2. Burn with Desire, Armin van Buuren
3. Pure Shores, All Saints (Beach Soundtrack)
4. Best of You, Foo Fighters
5. By your Side, Sade

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